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Summer Reading 2020


Each week we will travel to a new continent: there will be books to read, STEM projects to do, recipes to make, virtual tours to see, and crafts to assemble.

Beginning July 13 we will trek to the continent of Europe. South America will be our destination on July 20th. The week of July 27 our trip will take us to the continent of Africa.

Next up on our journey is Asia starting August 3. Let’s head down under, to Australia the week of August 10 and finally we will land in North America on August 17.

Our world travels will conclude with a scavenger hunt on Thursday, August 27 in our home town of Fillmore.

Starting July 13th stop at the library to pick up your World Traveler Passport and sign up for summer reading. Summer reading is for all ages. As always there will be prizes for completing your reading logs, such as Slush puppies, a slice of pizza, reading lights, bubble sticks or ice cream. Teens and adults return your book reviews for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

The Imagine Your Story, Around the World Summer Reading Program will also provide an opportunity to try writing fiction as you explore the continents. Weekly Zoom meetings for aspiring writers will also be available. When fiddling with fiction you will never be bored.

We look forward to traversing the Globe with you this summer. Watch for more details on the library website: or check the facebook page.

Young Writers Group

New to “Imagine Your Story” Summer Reading this year…we’re forming a young writers group that will meet weekly on Zoom! (for kids of all ages!) These meetings will be led by local author Lynn Barry and are about supporting each other with all kinds of creative writing, whether it’s about true happenings or made up adventures. Join the discussion, join the FUN!

Every Wednesday at 11am starting July 22nd through Aug. 26th.


Curbside Service continues!

How it works:

You can put holds on our items 3 ways: via STARCat, call us, or email us.

  • We will pull the items, check them out, bag them and label them with your last name only. We will handle items wearing gloves and masks.
  • When your items are ready, we will contact you to arrange a pick up time.
  • Your items will be waiting on the table or bench located inside our front vestibule.  
  • Stop by and grab your items.

Wide Awake Club Library Pandemic Patron Conduct Policy

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of staff, patrons, and the community, during pandemic events:

All patrons entering the library must adhere to social distancing guidelines-that is a distance of 6 feet between people. The library reserves the right to limit the number of patrons entering the building, and the time allowed inside in order to maintain social distancing protocols.

All patrons over the age of two entering the library must wear a face mask until further notice.

Anyone who violates social distancing or without face masks will be asked to leave.

Approved by the WAC Library Board of Trustees on June 8, 2020.