Curbside Service is here!

How it works:

You can put holds on our items 3 ways: via STARCat, call us, or email us.

  • We will pull the items, check them out, bag them and label them with your last name only. We will handle items wearing gloves and masks.
  • When your items are ready, we will contact you to arrange a pick up time.
  • Your items will be waiting on the table or bench located inside our front vestibule.  
  • Stop by and grab your items.

Returning Items

  • Return materials to the library book drop (near the front door).
  • Items will remain in “quarantine” for 72 hours. This means after you return items, they will still show up on your account for 72 hours until the quarantine period ends.
  • We are FINE FREE, so you will not receive any fines for overdue items.
  • Questions? Call us at 585-567-8301 or email us at
Updated: July 1, 2020 — 2:28 pm