Local History File Index

Updated December 24, 2020

Alfred, NY
Alger Cemetery – Hume
Allegany County – American Revolution
Allegany County – Birth of Republican Party
Allegany County – Bump the Dump
Allegany County – Cemeteries, Veterans burials
Allegany County – Centennial Celebration
Allegany County – Church History
Allegany County – Court History
Allegany County – Goldrush 1849
Allegany County – Historical Society
Allegany County – History
Allegany County – Indian Trails and Highways
Allegany County – Irish Immigrants
Allegany County – Maps  1806-1959
Allegany County – Medicine
Allegany County – Mills
Allegany County – Newspaper History
Allegany County – Oil and Gas
Allegany County – Polio Epidemics 1944-1955
Allegany County – Politics
Allegany County – School History
Allegany County – Taverns
Allegany County – Tourism
Allegany County – Town Names
Allegany County – War of 1812
Allegany County – Wind Farms
Allegany County – Winter Snowfall Recollections
Allegany County – Wolves
Allegany County Allstars 2018-2020
Allegany County Fair
Allegany County Fair – 1844-1944
Allegany County Fair – Historical Pageant (4H)
Allegany County Poorhouse
Allen, Town of , SEE ALSO Granger and Short Tract  
Allen, Town of, Cemetery Association
Andrew Haynes Occupational Center Belmont  (BOCES)
Angelica – Sesquicentennial 1805-1955
Angelica NY
Arcade and Attica  Railroad
Baldwin, John  
Bates Cemetery – Centerville/Higgins
Belfast – Boxing History
Belfast, NY
Belmont, NY
Birdsall, NY
Birth Records by Town Clerks  – Hume and Fillmore
Bliss Tidings Newspaper  1917
Boyd-Parker (Sullivan Expedition)
Burial Records of F. S. Phipps
Burnside Post of GAR,  Rossburg, NY
Burrville  SEE ALSO Caneadea
Cadwell’s Corners Cemetery – SEE Centerville
Caneadea – “Life in the Genesee Valley” by Gert Hall
Caneadea – Boulder
Caneadea – Council House
Caneadea – St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church aka Community Church, Old German Church
Caneadea Dam
Caneadea NY SEE ALSO Burrville
Cemeteries – Allegany County Headstone Symbols
Cemeteries – Records SEE ALSO Burial records of F.S. Phipps
Centerville – Church History
Centerville – Diamond Centennial-1808-1983
Centerville – Sesquicentennial 1808-1958
Centerville Cemetery
Centerville NY
Checkered School House Franklinville, NY
Cheese Factories
Church, Philip
Civil War – 1st NY Dragoons
Copperhead (Indian) Grave Houghton, NY
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Cottringer Tract Survey 1807 Elijah Johnson
County Line Cemetery Centerville
Craig Colony for Epileptics
Crowley, Mary   SA Wide Awake Club Library
Cuba NY
Cuba Specialty aka Minnow Trap Factory Fillmore
Dean Family Cemetery Hume
Death Records by Town Clerks – Hume and Fillmore
Dr. Murray Incident  Fillmore NY
Dutch Hill School
Elmer Cemetery
Erie Canal SEE ALSO Rochester Canal History
Fairbank, Calvin  (abolitionist)
Fillmore, Millard
Fillmore – 4-H
Fillmore – 4th of July Celebrations
Fillmore – Accidents
Fillmore – American Legion D. Victor Thomas Post
Fillmore – Banking History
Fillmore – Bonnie Lynn Buckley Notes
Fillmore – Boy Scouts
Fillmore – Brooks Hose Fire Co.
Fillmore – Business Advertising
Fillmore – Business History
Fillmore – Businesses A-E
Fillmore – Businesses F-J
Fillmore – Businesses K-O
Fillmore  -Businesses P-T
Fillmore – Businesses U-Z
Fillmore – Citizens of Tomorrow (children)
Fillmore – Earthquakes
Fillmore – Enterprise Newspaper
Fillmore – Fires
Fillmore – First Mayor
Fillmore – Firsts
Fillmore – Flood 1835
Fillmore – Flood 1902
Fillmore – Flood 1921
Fillmore – Floods SA  Hume Floods
Fillmore – History
Fillmore – History – 1850-1950 Centennial  “Century of Rigor Mortis”
Fillmore – History by Barb Phillipi
Fillmore – History by E. Gleason
Fillmore – History by Helen Holland
Fillmore – History by Judith Eltscher
Fillmore – History by Kendall Aldrich
Fillmore – History by Lahr/McEwan/Burgess
Fillmore – Homes and Farms
Fillmore – Hospital SEE Genesee Country Hospital
Fillmore – Hotels SA Prospect House, Red Tavern, Minard House
Fillmore – Irish Settlers SA Irish Cemeteery
Fillmore – Laotian Refugee Family
Fillmore – Little League
Fillmore – Main Street Pictures
Fillmore – Masonic Lodge
Fillmore – Memorial Day
Fillmore – Morris Family Conflict
Fillmore – Opera House
Fillmore – Order of the Eastern Star
Fillmore – Phone Company
Fillmore – Pictures
Fillmore – Post Office
Fillmore – Railroads  SEE Railroads, Fillmore    
Fillmore – River Bridge 
Fillmore – Rotary  Club
Fillmore – Sea Scouts
Fillmore – Sesquicentennial
Fillmore – Sewer Project
Fillmore – Silent Policeman
Fillmore – Street Directory 1978
Fillmore – Street Directory 1987
Fillmore – Suffrage Club 
Fillmore – Town Teams
Fillmore – Undertaker Ledger 1893-1915
Fillmore – United Methodist Church  (formerly M.E. Church)
Fillmore – Veterans’ Day Observance
Fillmore – Village Ordinances 1944
Fillmore – War Memorial
Fillmore – Wesleyan Methodist Church
Fillmore and Hume Businesses 1874-1875
Fillmore Business – See also Fillmore Business Advertising, see also name of business in alphabetical folder, see also Fillmore Banking History
Fillmore Businesses – Assorted
Fillmore Central School – Alumni
Fillmore central School – Bus Drivers
Fillmore Central School – Class of 2019
Fillmore Central School – Class of 2020
Fillmore Central School – Class Pictures and Graduation
Fillmore Central School – Drama and Music Productions
Fillmore Central School – Football
Fillmore Central School – History
Fillmore Central School – Little Red School House
Fillmore Central School – Mascot
Fillmore Central School – Merger Proposal
Fillmore Central School – Sports
Fillmore Central School – Students in the News
Fillmore Central School – Teachers and Retirees
Fillmore Central School -in the news 2018-2020
Fillmore Central School Sports 2019-2020
Fillmore Fire – 1916
Fillmore Flood -2000
Fillmore Funfest
Fillmore History – Area Pictures
Fillmore in the News 2019-2020
Fillmore in the News 2021
Fillmore Observation Post
Fillmore, Millard
Fox Cemetery (Lattice Bridge)
Friendship, NY
Genealogy SEE Family History DRAWER
Genesee Country Hospital,  Fillmore,NY   known as Fillmore Hospital
Genesee Falls, Town of SA Portageville
Genesee River 
Genesee River Bridge
Genesee Valley Canal
Genesee Valley Dam Portageville
Genesee Valley Power Company (Electricity/Fillmore)
Genesee Valley Produce Auction
Geneseo “A Day in the Historic Genesee Valley”
Granger Gazettes
Granger, Town of    SEE ALSO Allen, Short Tract
Grove, Town of
Higgins Wesleyan Methodist Church
Holy Cross Cemetery – Fillmore
Hopkins Family Cemetery – Centerville
Hornby Lodge
Houghton – History 
Houghton – History – Jockey Street
Houghton 2019 – 2020
Houghton College
Houghton in the News 2019-2020
Houghton Nursing Home
Houghton Seminary
Houghton, Willard
Howden, Judson
Hume – Baptist Church
Hume – Bridge Collapse 1961
Hume – Businesses  SEE Fillmore Businesses and Fillmore & Hume Businesses
Hume – Flood 1892
Hume – Flood 1902
Hume – History by Marion Smith
Hume – History by V. McNeil
Hume – History, town
Hume – History, village
Hume – Hume Pioneer Sketches by Minard
Hume – Mechanics Hall
Hume – Methodist Church
Hume – School Register  School #8  1844
Hume – Store Records
Hume Cemetery
Hume Enterprise
Hume Fire – 1914
Hume Fire – 1916
Hume Fire – Gristmill 1896
Hurricane Agnes – Flood of 1972
Ice Harvesting
Ingham, Sarah Apprenticeship
Irish Cemetery
Iroquois Indians
Jackson, Helen Hunt
Jemison, Mary 
Jones Pond
Korean Conflict – Service Members
Lahr, Forest   harnessmaker
Lane Cemetery – Centerville
Lattice Bridge Cemetery SA Fox Cemetery
Letchworth – Portageville Tunnel 1840
Letchworth Park
Letchworth Park – Bat Cave
Letchworth Park – Civilian Conservation Corps
Letchworth Park – Glen Iris Inn
Letchworth Park – Old Indian Council House
Letchworth Park – Prisoner of War Camp WWII
Letchworth, William Pryor
Local Homes and Farms
Local Personalities A-C
Local Personalities D-F
Local Personalities G-I
Local Personalities J-L
Local Personalities M-O
Local Personalities P-R
Local Personalities S-U
Local Personalities V-Z
Lost Nation SEE Centerville
Lyman Family History
Maple Sugar Making
Merwin, Fred   – Poetry
Mills’ Mills, NY
Minard House
Minard, John
Minard, John  letters from A.W. Cole  & H. Berris
Miscellaneous Articles
Mixville – see Wiscoy
Moss Lake
Mt. Morris Dam
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Houghton
Mudville by C. Appell
Native Americans Six Nations
New York Almanac 1979
New York State History – Civil War – 1st NY Dragoons
Niagara Falls
Northern Allegany Observer Bits & Pieces by S. McEwan
Northern Allegany Observer Personal Columns 1879
Northern Allegany Observer Personal Columns 1886
Northern Allegany Observer Personal Columns 1888-1955
Northern Allegany Observer Personal Columns 1957
Northern Allegany Observer Personal Columns 1961
Northern Allegany Observer Personal Columns 1963-1964
Northern Allegany Observer Personal Columns 1966
Northern Allegany Observer, articles about the paper
Obituaries A 
Obituaries B
Obituaries C
Obituaries D
Obituaries E
Obituaries F
Obituaries G
Obituaries H
Obituaries I
Obituaries J
Obituaries K
Obituaries L
Obituaries M
Obituaries N 
Obituaries O
Obituaries P
Obituaries Q-R
Obituaries S
Obituaries T
Obituaries U-V
Obituaries W
Obituaries X-Y-Z
Olean Trail  SEE Centerville Diamond Centennial
Oramel, NY
Osborne Family Cemetery Centerville
Peacetime – Service Members
Perry Knitting Mill Fillmore
Pike, NY
Pine Grove Cemetery Association
Pioneer Life – Western New York
Portage Dam Project
Portage High Bridge
Portageville, NY
Post Office History -Western New York
Pratt’s Mills
Prospect House   SA Fillmore Hotel   SA Red Tavern
Railroads – Allegany County
Rebekah Lodge
Red Tavern
Rochester New York-Canal History  SEE ALSO Erie Canal
Rogers Cemetery Centerville
Rossburg School
Rossburg, NY
Rush Creek Bridge
Rushford, NY
Seneca Indian Land Dispute Claim
Seneca Indians
Shongo – see Copperhead
Short Tract Cemetery
Short Tract Church History
Short Tract School
Short Tract Town Theatre
Short Tract, Town of  SEE ALSO Town of Granger
Smith and Chancy Family Cemetery Granger
St. Helena SEE ALSO Letchworth Park
St. Patrick’s RC Church Fillmore
St.Paul’s Luthern Church Fillmore
Stebbins, Charles Leonardo
The Singing School of Dutch Hill
Town of Hume Vitals – Boy’s Births
Town of Hume Vitals – Deaths and Marriages
Town of Hume Vitals – Girl’s Births
Underground Railroad  
Van Campen, Moses
Veterans Misc.
Vietnam War – Service Members
Wadsworth Family
Weaver Settlement Cemetery, Granger
Wedding Anniversaries A-Z
Wedding Engagements A-Z
Weddings – A
Weddings – B
Weddings – C
Weddings – D
Weddings – E
Weddings – F
Weddings – G
Weddings – H
Weddings – I-J
Weddings – K
Weddings – L
Weddings – M
Weddings – N
Weddings – O
Weddings – P-Q
Weddings – R
Weddings – S
Weddings – T-U
Weddings – V
Weddings – W
Weddings – X-Y-Z
Wells – Elmer Cemetery Rossburg
Wellsville, NY
Wide Awake Club 
Wide Awake Club Library  
Wiscoy Cemetery  
Wiscoy, NY
Wiscoy-Rossburg Fire Department
Womanless Wedding Production Fillmore NY
World War I – Clippings
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1941
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1943
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1944
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1945
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1946
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1952
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1955
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1956
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1957
World War II – “In the Service of Our Nation” 1963
World War II – On the Homefront
World War II – Service Members A-D
World War II – Service Members E-J
World War II – Service Members K-P
World War II – Service Members Q-Z
Wyoming County Names