Board Meeting Minutes January 2023

Wide Awake Club Library Board Minutes

Meeting of Jan. 10, 2023

Members present: Shawn Hotchkiss, Karen Williams, Pat Ricketts, Judy Robertson, Rebecca

            Rowley, Rod Bennett, Brad Wilber

Shawn moved to accept the previous minutes with a couple of corrections.  Karen seconded. Motion carried.  An amended copy of the minutes was provided for Roxanne’s files and for the website.  Pat moved to the accept the most recent financial report.  Judy seconded.  Motion carried.

The new Xerox machine was delivered, someone will come to install it as soon as possible.  Also, we have ordered five new public computers through the Appalachian Regional Commission program–$700 remains, but we may spend that on Chromebooks with SIM cards rather than Wi-Fi hotspots.  We have to spend that remainder, or outline our spending intentions, ASAP, and the hotspot picture is not clear enough to go in that direction quickly.  Verizon will not offer us any better deal that the flawed deal we already have (data that is “unlimited” but is, for all practical purposes, capped).  The ARC grant has to go toward something used directly by the public.

On December 30, Roxanne mailed the school a letter that contained the figures of our proposed funding increase.  A further letter of rationale / explanation will follow in February.  Roxanne also mailed the Allegany County Area Foundation a final report on the disposition of their grant.

Jim Sanders from the Town of Hume repaired and re-welded the loose manhole cover in our exit driveway.  

We are changing Story Time to 11:30-12:15 to better fit the hiatus between AM and PM preschool session.

Bring the World to the Library resumes Jan. 11, with a presentation by the mobile planetarium in the high-ceilinged splendor of Fillmore Central School auditorium.  Registration filled up based on a Facebook ad, even before a flyer could go out to the school.

No one has yet participated in the telehealth program.  Perhaps it’s hard to justify spending the money on mental health in these times, but financial stress also means a need for counseling. 

CASCO has ordered all of the equipment for our fire protection system.

We have received an assessed value of $201,000 from the Town of Hume.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Wilber