Book Sale – Memorial Weekend

In the McGlynn Community Room at the Fillmore Library.

  • Thursday, May 27th 10am-6pm
  • Friday, May 28th 10am-5pm
  • Saturday, May 29th, 9am-2pm

Buy a library bag for $6 and fill it for FREE! OR bring your old library bag and fill it for $5. OR Hardcover are 50 cents and paperback are 25 cents.

New Children’s Books

A big THANK YOU to the Pilcrow Foundation and the ladies of the Wide Awake Club for granting us 100 new children’s books! We were supposed to receive 70 books, but to our surprise and delight found out we were selected to receive extra science and math books that were donated by Hal Benson and Laura Ackerman of Cottage Grove, CO! These are some fantastic books, come check them out! ( As you can see many are ALREADY checked out 🙂

Hot Spots

We’re very excited to announce that we have 2 Verizon WiFi HOTSPOTS available for checkout, all thanks to a grant from the Foundation for Southern Tier Libraries! These hotspots can connect up to 10 wifi enabled devices and provide free internet as long as you’re not in a “dead zone”. Feel free to ask us for more details!

Curbside Service continues!

How it works:

You can put holds on items 3 ways: via STARCat, call us, or email us.

  • We will pull the items, check them out, bag them and label them with your last name only. We will handle items wearing gloves and masks.
  • When your items are ready, we will contact you to arrange a pick up time.
  • Your items will be waiting on the table or bench located inside our front vestibule.  
  • Stop by and grab your items.