War on Debt

The  Freedom  of  Being Debt  Free!

Learn  Simple  Skills:

     *How  to  pay  off  debt  WITHOUT  making any  more  money  than  you  do  right  now

     *Step  by  step  instructions  to  bring  your credit  card  accounts  down  to  zero

     *A  proven  debt  annihilation  formula  that has  helped  thousands  of  people  pay  off millions  of  dollars  in  debt

War  on  Debt class 

Thursdays  August  9,  23,  30  7:30-9:00pm

Fillmore  Wide  Awake Club  Library

Class  space  limited.

Call  Karen  Liddick,  585-567-8973 to  reserve  your  place  by  August  4th.

Required:  $10  for  workbook.


The Fillmore Library Presents:

Jim Pomeroy: The Geological Wonder That is

Letchworth State Park.

Join us Tuesday August 21st at 7:00pm in our McGlynn Community room

Author Arch Merrill described Letchworth Park as the place where Nature touches the Genesee with a magic wand and like Cinderella, the river leaves behind its ordinary garb and dons robes of dazzling splendor. We’ll look at this geological Cinderella – how it came to be and some of the interactions (past and present) between man, river, and planet Earth.  This program incorporates some of the same things that are in “Restless Water” but is devoted entirely to Letchworth State Park.

Summer Concert Series

The 2018 Summer Artists series !

The LAST  concert is:  Wednesday, August  22, at the Fillmore Park Pavillion, at 7:00 pm. Music by:  Tough Old Bird – Fillmore’s very own Nate and Matt Corrigan play a blend of authentic folk and blues that reflects the rural landscape it comes from.

Light refreshments will be served, see you there!


Free Produce Exchange

Free produce exchange! Take some, leave some, or both!

Do you garden? Do you ever have TOO MUCH produce and would like to share with others? Bring it to the library for others to enjoy!

(Our hope is to also help benefit the Fillmore Food Pantry-their doors are open every other Wednesday ; they will be letting people know to check at the library for fresh produce.  So please feel free to bring DONATIONS if you like!)
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