Board Meeting January 12, 2021

Wide Awake Club Library Board

January 12, 2021

Members present:  Rod Bennett, Carole McGlynn, Shawn Hotchkiss, Karen Williams, Judy Robertson, Pat Ricketts, Brad Wilber. 

Others present:  Roxanne Baker


Carole moved to accept the November minutes.  Pat seconded.  Motion carried.

–Tonya’s dad Jim Heckathorn fixed our electrical problems and submitted a bill in a nominal amount.

–UTI has done a site visit and our fire monitoring system is now operational and complete.

–Roxanne filed our tax cap override referendum in November.

–Two WiFi hotspots have arrived and are being tested by a savvy high-school volunteer.  Remember these were acquired under the auspices of the Foundation for Southern Tier Libraries.

–STLS is investigating a new measure requiring that all employees get 40 sick hours per year as of Oct. 2020.   Could it mean 40 sick hours per full-time equivalent, so that 40 hours could be distributed among multiple part-timers?  Is it supposed to be prorated? 

–Roxanne has submitted a grant application to the TriCounty Arts Council for the summer concert series.  The Wide Club has donated/earmarked $1,000, since even if we get some grant money, we will be expected to match it.

–We received a sizable grant for Libraries Transforming Communities!  $3,000 will go toward a white board, conference call/hybrid meeting technology, more WiFi hotspots, a few more hours for Roxanne.  In turn, we have the duty of holding a community conversation about revitalizing Fillmore.  We are pursuing a consultation with an expert in rural community development, one with connections to the Letchworth Gateway Villages project.

–We’ve also received some state aid and some U.S. Census reimbursement.

–Karen moved that we start spending Libraries Transforming Communities grant funds slightly in advance of their arrival.  Brad seconded.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Wilber