Board Meeting March 9, 2021

Wide Awake Club Library Board Minutes

March 9, 2021 (Zoom)

Members Present:  Rod Bennett, Pat Ricketts, Carole McGlynn, Shawn Hotchkiss, Brad Wilber

Others present:  Roxanne Baker, Marriah Propert

Pat voted to accept the February minutes; Carole seconded.  Motion carried.  Brad moved to accept the financial packet; Shawn seconded.  Motion carried.  Also let the record show that Roxanne submitted her Annual Report on March 9, 2021.

Roxanne announced that we received a 2021 grant from the Tri-County Arts Council that fully funds the summer concert series:  $3,300.00.  We must produce $825 in matching funds.  A series of 8 concerts seems feasible, and we can also use that money toward refreshments and catering, supporting local business.  We will still be allowed to use last year’s Tri-County Arts Council Funs to commission a bench from a local artisan, provided we complete a report by June 30 showing the money spent, the project begun (with diagrams and sketches), etc.  We have also received a $200 microgrant through Tools in Action, for rural libraries to assess community need.  Now Roxanne is looking forward to 2022 technology grants through STLS and the Manley Foundation:  we may be able to upgrade all of our public computers “for free.”

            Verizon has given us four upgraded Wi-Fi hotspots for free.  These seem to work better and have better reach.

            On the collection development front, Roxanne has suspended our Junior Library subscription for one year and allowed the Pilcrow grant books to take their place.           We’re looking at holding our spring Volunteers Luncheon in the fall, as COVID herd immunity hopefully takes hold.

            Our discussion on appropriate sick hours is not finalized but is taking this form so far:  Everyone starts with 10 hours, and you accrue 1 sick hour for every 30 hours worked.  After enough time passes, one can use the number they accrued last year, or 10 hours, whichever is greater.  This includes Marriah in the treasurer position as well.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Wilber