Board Meeting June 8, 2021

Wide Awake Club Library Board

Minutes–June 8, 2021

Members Present:  Carole McGlynn, Pat Ricketts, Karen Williams, Rod Bennett, and Shawn Hotchkiss

Other Present: Roxanne Baker

-Rod B. called meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

-Pat R. moved to accept the April minutes.  Karen W. seconded.  Motion carried.

-Karen W. moved to accept the financial documents.  Pat R. seconded.  Motion carried.

Director Items

-Pandemic Policy:  the staff is not enforcing wearing masks nor asking if patrons are vaccinated.  Mask sign is not posted, and we are not required to do so.  Arrows can be pulled up from the carpet.  Staff self-evaluation forms are no longer required.  Cleaning will be done once a day, but staff will continue to clean between computer patrons.  Our staff and volunteers are comfortable with not requiring masks.  We are no longer required to limit the number of patrons in the library.  As these are changes to the pandemic policy that we have in place, Karen W. moved to remove our COVID pandemic policy.  Carole M. seconded.  Motion carried.

-Summer reading program and story hour are both a go for this summer. “Tails and Tales” will be the theme.

-Roxanne B. has applied for two grants to cover replacing our public computers.  We are looking to getting six with three-year service plans.  The Arc grant would cover 70% and the Manley Foundation grant would cover the remaining 30%.  Monies for the Arc grant will not come until 2022; however, if we receive the Manley grant, that funding will come this year which would allow the purchase for two of the computers.

-Tracy Fiegl has the bench built and will apply a marine-grade finish.

-We may have Tyler Austin, who attends school in Cuba, working for us through the Summer Youth Employment Program.

-We did not get the Ralph Wilson grant that our area libraries applied for, but we are getting Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  Our involvement includes providing information help our patrons sign up on-line, and there are 500 children signed up in Allegany County already. From birth through their fifth birthday, children will receive one book a month.

Concert Series

-Carole M. shared that she checked with Larry Bennion from Brooks Hose about possibly using the Bingo Hall as the concert location in case of rain.  They would charge $150.00 and would require us to sanitize tables and chairs that we use as well as touch up the bathrooms.  He might get back to her with a better price; let’s hope for no rain.

-Jeff Babbitt asked if his group from the Town Theatre of Short Tract could rehearse the Monday and Tuesday before their event.  We’ll check with the town clerk.

Respectfully submitted, S.H. for B.W.

Minutes–June 8, 2021