Board Meeting March 8, 2022

Wide Awake Club Library Board

March 8, 2022

Members present:  Pat Ricketts, Brad Wilber, Carole McGlynn, Rod Bennett, Shawn Hotchkiss, Karen Williams

Others present:  Roxanne Baker, Marriah Propert

Pat moved to accept the minutes with an amended job title and organizational name in the note about the Allegany County Area Foundation.  Carole seconded.  Motion carried.  Amended copy sent to Roxanne.

Shawn moved to accept the February financial documentation.  Pat seconded.  Motion carried.

Susan Hatch will be undertaking our newest audit in early April.

Let the minutes show that Roxanne submitted the library’s 2021 annual report to the board on this date March 8, 2022. It was submitted to the Southern Tier Library System by their deadline, and it will move on to the state level once STLS has reviewed it.

The Arts Council for Wyoming County has given us $1,800 in grant funds for the Summer Concert Series.

The Genesee Country Museum family pass (two adults plus unlimited children) arrived today.  We are going to experiment with the practice of letting it circulate for one week but asking the patron to consider others and return the pass sooner if their trip is concluded.

Roxanne Baker will be reviewing the four resumes she’s received from those hoping to replace Dianne Heim.  Interviews will take place over the next couple of weeks.

Brad moved that we provisionally accept the Memorandum of Understanding concerning the telehealth program, pending a review by attorney David Brautigam.  While the MOU is primarily a descriptive document, and there is no likely “penalty” to the library except that we can’t ask the health agency to service the technology for us once the program ends and we’ve put it to different use, a lawyer’s eye is always helpful.  Karen seconded Brad’s motion.  Motion carried.

(Roxanne subsequently emailed us responses from Dave and STLS director Brian Hildreth.)

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Wilber