Board Meeting Minutes, Jan. 11, 2022

Wide Awake Club Library Board

Meeting Minutes Jan. 11, 2022

Members present:  Rod Bennett, Carole McGlynn, Shawn Hotchkiss, Karen Williams, Pat

            Ricketts, Judy Robertson, Brad Wilber

Others present:  Roxanne Baker, Marriah Propert, Ellen Tucker

This was a ZOOM meeting.

Pat moved to accept the December minutes.  Karen seconded.  Motion carried.

Pat moved to accept the December financial information.  Judy seconded/  Motion carried.

Marriah wondered whether 630 gallons of water use for a quarter sounded like an inaccuracy.  After some discussion, the board felt that amount was plausible.  Marriah shared that our earlier unpaid water bill (which she has been fruitlessly trying to get some questions answered about) has been turned over to Allegany County as a tax bill, such that past mistakes can no longer be evaluated or corrected.  Marriah says the bill is not exorbitant and will be paid, but she has not had a positive experience trying to get the local water department to troubleshoot. 

Since our last meeting, we have received both our tax levy check and our state aid check in expected amounts, plus our end-of-the year dispensation from the Wide Awake Club, a small foundation grant, and individual gifts.  Merry Christmas to library staff and patrons!

Early in January, the library gave out 90 home test kits for COVID and KN95 masks.  Volunteers Jennifer Ricketts and Suzanne Beardsley stood in the parking lot and passed items safely through passenger windows.  The entire supply was gone in half an hour.  All other area libraries did something similar; the whole county got 2,000 kits to distribute.  Itโ€™s possible we will be able to do another test kit drive-by at the beginning of February.

Discussion are on hold between Roxanne and Jordan Yaros of Southern Tier Health Care System, Inc., with regard to using the Community Room for private telehealth conferences.

No setbacks per se, just the slow wheels of bureaucracy.

Ellen Tucker visited us for insurance questions prior to our March renewal.  She gave us the baseline premium and said the premiums would go up by $300 per every $100K of coverage on replacement costs for the building.  The quote(s) from another agency are higher because they build in replacement costs on the contents of the building.

Our next meeting (FEBRUARY 8 at 6 pm) will resolve a couple of leftover items including expired terms and renewals for a couple of board members.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Wilber