Board Meeting February 10, 2022

Wide Awake Club Library Board

February 10, 2022

Members present:  Rod Bennett, Karen Williams, Shawn Hotchkss, Brad Wilber, Carole

            McGlynn, Pat Ricketts, Rebecca Rowley, Judy Robertson

Others present:  Roxanne Baker, MarriahPropert

Pat moved to accept the January minutes.  Karen seconded.  Motion carried.

Rebecca moved to accept the financial documents.  Judy seconded.  Motion carried.

Karen’s and Rebecca’s board terms expired in December, but they both agreed to continue to serve.  Pat moved that they be elected to new five-year terms.  Shawn seconded.  Motion carried.

The annual report is in progress and is due to STLS by Feb. 28.

Carole delivered the budget increase letter to the school.

Roxanne contacted Susan Hatch about doing a fresh audit for us.  One of the recommendations from the last audit concerned having a secure cashbox, and volunteer Harry Halpern recently created one for us.

With Dianne retiring at the end of March, Roxanne will advertise for a replacement.  Eight hours per week has been figured into the budget. 

The annual volunteer luncheon returns—if we hold it on the Wednesday after Easter (Apr. 20), it will fall during National Volunteer Week.  It looks like the venue will either be Sarah Sardina’s new bakery space or the luncheon’s old home of the Fillmore Wesleyan Church.  The luncheon’s budget is $450, but perhaps that amount could be exceeded a bit this year after two COVID cancelations. 

Bruce Campbell, president of the Allegany Area Foundation, is considering making a donation of a family pass to the Genesee Country Museum, which would circulate like our state parks pass.

Bring the World to the Library events have resumed on Saturdays.  The popular syrup-and-pancakes event will come back on Mar. 5.

The Hume Revitalization Project will be raising funds with a 2023 calendar, populated with art, photography, and creative writing submissions highlighting the area’s good qualities.

In nicer weather we going to troubleshoot solutions to the icicle buildup, especially on the side by the exit driveway.  What role is the inadequate leaf guard playing?  Can we put some vents in the “attic” space at the peak of the roof?

Karem moved that we increase our insurance coverage through Erie and Niagara, as discussed, to $500,000 on the building contents in addition to the building.  Premiums go up about $1,000 a year, from $2,212.26 to $3,201.93.  Judy seconded.  Motion carried.

Jordan Yaros from Southern Tier Health prepared an itemized list of technology they are prepared to pay for in preparation for the telehealth initiative.  It emphasizes the video and audio equipment and 24/7 tech support over extra partitioning and privacy measures, though a white noise machine is still in the budget.  More details to follow, since we’ve indicated we would like to have some expectations on both sides articulated into a written agreement.

Next meeting Mar. 8 at 6 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Wilber